10 Questions in 10 minutes with Cameron Proctor

Cameron Proctor is a die hard LA Lakers fan who played basketball for a New York University on scholarship, not to mention a fully qualified personal trainer who is super passionate about the health and fitness industry. We throw the 2021 Kakapo High Performer into the hot seat and discuss everything from early rising and joining the 5am club, to the positive effects of taking high performance in sport with you into business.

Work and sport saw you trek around the globe for close to a decade, tell us about your journey prior to joining Kakapo in 2019.
Where do I start!? Looking back, my journey prior to joining Kakapo was a real adventure. Travelling the world, meeting new people and trying new things taught me so much about myself and helped me become the person I am today. It helped me understand the value of escaping your comfort zone and fed my curiosity. Travel has definitely helped instil a desire in me to continually learn, improve and grow.

As a fully qualified personal trainer, what are your views around how health and fitness ties into high performance and success?
Health and fitness definitely plays a huge part in sustaining high performance and achieving success. It helps to develop discipline, commitment and energy which are crucial elements of mastery. The path to success has been paved many times before, in other words - we don't need to reinvent the wheel. I have always been fascinated by the high performers of the world, most of whom share a similar philosophy on the importance of incorporating a consistent health and fitness routine into their schedules.

What do you enjoy about being a business broker?
I have always been interested in sales and business. My mum often used to joke that I would sell her if I could (FYI if you are reading this, I wouldn't mum). In my lifetime, both of my parents only ever worked for themselves. Business broking enables me to channel my interest in business, passion for people and love for health and fitness all into one! It is a truly rewarding role that has also enabled me to achieve a fantastic balance in my life.

Big question. If you weren't allowed to support the LA Lakers, who would your NBA team be?
Now that really is a tough one, it certainly wouldn't be the LA Clippers. I am going to go with the Milwaukee Bucks - before you ask, it's for reasons other than the fact they are in the NBA finals...

Tell us about your recent achievement of Kakapo's 20-21 High Performer of the Year and attaining Kakapo Elite status.
It was an absolute honour to win the High Performer of the Year award. I was truly humbled to be recognised for all of the late nights and early mornings but I feel like I am just scratching the surface so watch this space!

What is your take on the health and fitness industry post-COVID19?
The health and fitness industry definitely endured a rough ride whilst trying to navigate a financial year plagued by COVID-19. A silver lining from last year's lengthy lockdown was definitely seeing many people afforded the time to prioritise their health and fitness, thus developing good habits which many continued post lockdown. It was also amazing to see creativity from gym owners when it came to staying engaged with their members and delivering health and fitness online. I genuinely admire the resilience I witnessed and firmly believe the health and fitness industry in NZ is currently in fantastic shape!

You're one of the early risers at Kakapo, what is your morning ritual and what advice would you give to the readers on joining the 5am club?
Lovely Day by Bill Withers is set as my alarm, I spring up, win the battle of the bed and head straight to the gym or for a walk on rest days. When I get home I always try to read a chapter or two and re-fuel with a good breakfast. It is all about setting yourself up for a successful day ahead. For anyone wanting to own their morning, I recommend reading The 5am Club by Robin Sharma - It truly has elevated my life. As mentioned in the book - "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end". You are rewiring your brain to form a new habit - it is meant to be hard. Make a start, stay committed and reap the rewards!

What is the most common mistake you see gym owners making in their business?
The most common mistake I see gym owners making would be the disproportionate emphasis placed on acquisition of new members compared with the retention of current members. Now I am not saying cut your marketing budget and stop generating new leads, more redirect some of that focus and spend to retention which will lead to a stronger community, better engagement and less attrition.

You've recently traded in the basketball singlet for the whistle and clipboard, tell us about your new coaching gig.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a proud St Peter's old boy! It is a real privilege to be involved with the basketball programme coaching the mighty U17A squad. Last year was my first season and we finished 3rd, this year we are sitting in second behind Grammar at the halfway point. UP THE SAINTS!

Last of all and most importantly, what is Cam Proctors dream car?
My dream car would be an Aston Martin Vulcan - type that into Google and prepare to be impressed!

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