Professional Services

SOLD: Painting Contractor Est. 1987 | Great Semi-Managed Returns

Just 20 hours a week of commitment from the owner

Address Providing a professional painting service to the greater Auckland area

Location Nationwide,Auckland

Sales Weekly sales available on application

Asking Price $190,000 + Stock

Listing ID KA1857

SOLD by Mike Ponsonby

After 30 plus years of trade, its time to hang up the boots
An incoming owner can expect a long handover to learn the ropes. The leading hand runs the jobs and organises the team of painters. The phone rings and the boss prices the work - the simple pricing model for the long established customer base will be taught to the purchaser. The local team of painters have been in place for 20 years… long may it continue.

Business Highlights
- Steady flow of work provided by key clients – months in advance
- Experienced leading hand wants to stay on and run the jobs
- Simple systems and processes
- Pricing jobs is easy to learn
- 20 hours a week owner commitment
- Simple & clean financials

Are you ready to become your own boss? Give Mike Ponsonby a call today on (021)450-049 to discuss.

Asking Price: $190,000 + Stock
Listing ID: KA1857