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SOLD: Beautifully Branded Home Staging Business

Jump in and start making a profit from day one!

Address Currently in Henderson, easily relocatable across Auckland

Location Nationwide,Auckland

Sales Weekly sales available on application

Asking Price $95,000

Listing ID KA1880

SOLD by Shelley May

All the hard work is done, sounds cliché but it is so often the case that the first three years of business is all about building a rock solid foundation.
My Vendor has done this for some lucky purchaser to jump in and start making a profit from day one. If you and a friend have always wanted a small home staging business to run during school friendly hours then this is the opportunity for you.

Business Highlights
- Specialist Apartment and general home staging
- Furniture package sales
- Gorgeous Branding
- All digital systems and platforms created
- Relocatable within Auckland
- Contactless systems in place
- Covid-19 created a new income stream
- Great relationships that will be handed on to the new owner

The Apartment and general real estate market is certainly experiencing rapid growth in Auckland and this business offers fantastic affordable but uniquely gorgeous solutions to furnishing them, for hire or sale. Contact Shelley May on (021)286-3274 for more details.

Asking Price: $95,000
Listing ID: KA1880