Cameron Proctor

New Zealand’s first dedicated health and fitness business broker.
Cameron began business broking as he saw an opportunity to connect with people that shared his passion for health and fitness.
This passion stems from his obsession with basketball that took him all the way to New York on scholarship to play ball. Cameron lives and breathes the industry and prides himself on becoming NZ’s first dedicated health and fitness business broker.

It is through this passion and dedication that Cameron has developed a deep understanding of the industry, with an award-winning sales career in both London & NZ he has the ability to connect buyers and sellers through his wide networks and overcome challenges whilst simplifying the process on both sides to ensure he adds maximum value.

Cameron Proctor is our health and fitness specialist, he is also our resident qualified personal trainer and basketball coach at Kakapo. Whether it be assisting clients to sell their pride and joy, helping customers to acquire their dream business or getting you to drop down a give him twenty push-ups – Cam is your man.
Reach out for a coffee or a workout and let’s have a confidential chat today.